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Pilgrim's Backpack

€21,90 EUR

The Pilgrim's Backpack is an iconic product designed to accompany you during your Jubilee days. It has been crafted to meet the needs of the modern urban pilgrim 2.0. What was once the satchel, an essential companion for pilgrimages of the past, is now reimagined as the Pilgrim's Backpack, its direct descendant.



RPET fabric backpack with a 28-liter capacity, featuring a main compartment that can be sealed with a zip and folded inwards. The padded divider creates a laptop compartment. The interior is enhanced with a writable label for personal information. Customization includes a colored Jubilee logo, and the backpack is available in the exclusive color BLUE.

Functional design

The design reimagines the traditional cut, the drawstring closure used in antiquity, and adapts it to modern times; it combines capacity, originality, comfort, and innovation, while respecting sustainability and environmental awareness.

Sustainable and quality materials.

The backpack made of RPET fabric, a material obtained through recovery and recycling processes of common PET, is designed to have a low environmental impact. The composition with RPET material provides the backpack with strength, flexibility, and waterproofing. The design accuracy extends to the detail of the zipper pull shaped like a pilgrim. Its anti-counterfeiting label attests to its originality and exclusivity.