Pilgrim routes

Do you want to make a pilgrimage to Rome or Lazio but don't know which path to choose and how to organise yourself? Here are some tips!

Walks in Lazio and Rome: choosing the right pilgrimage and organizing the trip

The Christian pilgrimage is a unique experience with a deep spiritual and emotional impact; to live it fully, however, the practical aspects related to the journey and the walk itself cannot be overlooked.

First of all, it is important to choose the route that best suits your needs and physical condition. In addition, each path includes points of religious interest such as churches, basilicas or other sacred places of Christianity: be sure to choose those that are of most interest to you.

Here are the main routes in Lazio and Rome.

4 pilgrim routes in Lazio

In Lazio there are 4 main paths that pass through some of the most important places of worship in Italy, in Rome and beyond. All of these can be done either on foot or by bicycle, depending on individual preferences.

4 Jubilee routes in Rome

To mark the Jubilee Year 2025, for those wishing to experience a pilgrimage within the city of Rome, there are several paths that connect places of worship.