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Plenary indulgence and Jubilee 2025

What is a plenary indulgence and how can it be obtained during the Jubilee 2025? Discover all the normes.

Jubilee 2025: what to do to obtain plenary indulgence?

The Christian Jubilee represents a moment of great importance for the Catholic Church and for the faithful around the world. This sacred event in fact offers believers the opportunity to renew their faith with a spiritual and physical journey, but also to receive a plenary indulgence .

But what exactly is plenary indulgence? What is its history and how can it be obtained during the Jubilee Year 2025?

What does plenary indulgence mean?

Plenary indulgence is a special grace granted by the Catholic Church that allows the faithful to obtain total remission of temporal punishments due to sins . In other words, plenary indulgence completely erases the earthly consequences of sins, offering a sort of spiritual "reset." It is important to emphasize that indulgence is not a forgiveness of sins in themselves, but rather an act of mercy that frees from the penalties associated with sins.

The indulgence can be requested for oneself , or for third parties , whether they are alive or deceased .

When does plenary indulgence arise?

The origin of indulgences dates back to the first centuries of Christianity , when believers performed acts of penance to atone for their sins. Over time, the Church formalized the concept of indulgence , establishing specific criteria for obtaining it. The first Jubilee , called by Pope Boniface VIII in 1300, was a decisive moment in the history of indulgences: during this Holy Year, pilgrims visiting Rome could obtain plenary indulgences through confession, communion and prayer.

Since then, Popes have proclaimed several Jubilees, each of which offers the faithful the opportunity to receive plenary indulgence. The Jubilee can be ordinary - the one that occurs every 25 years, like this one in 2025 - or extraordinary, called for particular occasions.


How to obtain plenary indulgence during the Jubilee 2025

The Jubilee is a time of spiritual renewal , conversion and reconciliation . It is an opportunity for the faithful to rediscover their faith, to strengthen their relationship with God and with the ecclesial community. The theme of the 2025 Jubilee is " Pilgrims of Hope ", an invitation to all Christians to walk the path of faith with hope and trust in the future.

To obtain plenary indulgence during the 2025 Jubilee, the faithful must meet some specific conditions established by the Church. Here are the main steps to follow:

  • Sacramental confession : the faithful must confess all their sins to a priest and receive absolution. The confession must be sincere and complete, with true repentance for the sins committed.
  • Eucharistic Communion : after confession, it is necessary to participate in the Holy Mass and receive Communion, an act that symbolizes the union of the faithful with Christ and the Church.
  • Prayer for the intentions of the Pope : another essential requirement is to pray for the intentions of the Holy Father by reciting the Our Father, the Hail Mary and the Glory Be, or other freely chosen prayers.
  • Act of charity : the believer must perform an act of mercy towards others such as, for example, visiting the sick, volunteering at a charity or carrying out other works of benevolence.
  • Pilgrimage to Holy Places : During the 2025 Jubilee, the faithful are encouraged to make a pilgrimage to one of Rome's holy places such as St. Peter's, St. John Lateran, St. Mary Major or St. Paul Outside the Walls. Alternatively, the pilgrimage can be made to other Church-designated shrines around the world.
  • Rejection of sin : finally, it is essential to have a heart sincerely detached from sin, even venial, and a profound desire to live an authentic Christian life.

Preparation for the Jubilee 2025

To fully experience the Jubilee 2025, it is useful to prepare spiritually and mentally . In the months preceding the Jubilee year and the pilgrimage to Rome, it is important to carve out time and space to dedicate to prayer : you can read the Bible or the Gospel, recite the rosary, sing church songs or even simply talk to God spontaneously.

Surely, a moment should be dedicated to spirituality on Sunday, to participate in mass and for a periodic confession with the priest; but not only that, you can also choose to take part in other activities carried out at your parish , such as prayer groups or moments together.

Another way to prepare for the Jubilee 2025 could be to read texts on theology and spirituality , which can help us better understand our faith and reflect on all its aspects.

Prepare for the pilgrimage to Rome

In addition to spiritual preparation, material preparation is also essential. In the months preceding your trip to Rome it is important to make sure you have everything you need: in the official Jubilee 2025 store you can find very useful clothing and gadgets for your pilgrimage, but above all the Pilgrim's Backpack and the Pilgrim's Kit .


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