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The 2025 Jubilee pilgrim backpack launched

Stagip4 wins the tender to create the official products of the Jubilee 2025 and launches the pilgrim's backpack. Find out more about the products and the company!

The Jubilee 2025 will be a historic event for the Church and for the entire world. Millions of pilgrims will travel to Rome to celebrate the Holy Year and live an experience of faith and sharing. To make this moment even more special, the Vatican has announced a tender for the creation of official Jubilee products , to be distributed to pilgrims and visitors.

Stegip4: the company that won the tender for the Jubilee 2025

Among the many participants, the company that won the prestigious assignment was Stegip4 , an Italian company that has been dealing with promotional merchandising and the development and management of e-commerce platforms for over 30 years.

The features of Stegip4 that made it stand out from other competitors were:

  • The quality of the materials, essential for resistance over time;
  • The unique and distinguishable design ;
  • The importance given to innovation ;
  • The ethical vision, in line with the values ​​of the Jubilee;
  • The environmental sustainability of its products, for which it uses recycled and biodegradable materials.

The products of the Jubilee 2025: the pilgrim's backpack and the pilgrim's kit

For the 2025 Jubilee , Stegip4 has designed and created several exclusive products , designed to be useful to pilgrims from all over the world, but also to be preserved as a memory of a unique and emotional moment of faith such as the Christian Jubilee.

The flagship products, however, are two and they are the pilgrim's backpack and the pilgrim's kit . These are two items designed to accompany pilgrims on their journey to Rome , offering comfort, practicality and safety, but also a strong symbolic and spiritual value .

The pilgrim's backpack

The pilgrim's backpack is a light and spacious backpack, equipped with internal compartments, a laptop pocket and a label for inserting personal information in case of loss. It is made of R-PET fabric , sustainable and waterproof . It is only available in blue with the Jubilee 2025 logo in color and with the phrase "Perigrinantes in Spem" (Pilgrims of Hope), the Jubilee motto of this holy year.

“I know well how useful a backpack can be during a pilgrimage – said Rino Fisichella, pro-prefect of the Dicastery for Evangelization – and how important it is to preserve it, with the signs of time and wear, as a witness full of memories of those days of prayer and reflection, full of emotions and therefore unforgettable.”

The pilgrim's kit

The pilgrim's kit is a set of useful accessories for the journey , contained in the pilgrim's backpack : we have, for example, the aluminum water bottle , to keep drinks cool, the wide-headed safari hat , a garment symbolic of the pilgrim, and a poncho for rainy days in biodegradable material. There are also many other useful gadgets to take with you even when the pilgrimage is over.

The symbolic value of the backpack

By purchasing the pilgrim's backpack and the pilgrim's kit, you will not only obtain quality and design products, but also real symbols of the path of faith and conversion . The backpack is the evolution of the pilgrim's bag , a traditional symbol of the journey of faith.

The official backpack of the Jubilee 2025 will therefore be an ally on the journey to Rome, but it will also be a testimony and a memory, a symbol of belonging, faith and dedication .

“Our goal is to propose a product designed for an environmentally friendly Jubilee” says Gino Conversi, Marketing Director of Stegip4 , “Through the Pellegrino backpack we wanted to tell the Jubilee motto Peregrinantes in Spem , as an invitation to rebuild a climate of hope and trust to look positively to the future".

Where to buy Jubilee 2025 products

At the moment, the backpack and all the official Jubilee 2025 products are only available online on our e-commerce ; soon we will open a physical store in Rome where you can see, try and buy the clothes, accessories and gadgets you like most!

What do they say about us and our products?

The launch of the pilgrim's backpack has attracted the attention of various newspapers and industry publications , which describe the product and its profound meaning, as well as the company and its values, in their own way. Read some of the articles!

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